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Our Work With Young People in Liverpool

Through involving young people in learning and performing creatively Sonic Boom DJ tutorials help to develop confidence and self esteem, which are crucial personal attributes for individuals that strive for a successful education or career. Our workshops build interpersonal skills and capitalise on cultural multiplicity within the learning environment.  DJing is an empowering mode of personal expression, and has the potential to give marginalised and disadvantaged young people a voice.  By providing structured learning programmes, and with the potential to deliver valuable qualifications, we can provide opportunities for young people that might otherwise fall through the gaps in formal education.

We at Sonic Boom are committed to social development and regeneration through the delivery of DJ industry workshops that improve the personal and vocational skills of our service users.  Using our industry standard equipment and our professional knowledge base we use DJ culture as a foundation for creative activities that make learning both accessible and exciting.  We also provide wider professional services including private tuition and equipment hire.

According to the agreement engaging in cultural activities contributes to successful regeneration and thriving communities by

“...improving an area’s image, developing human and social capital, attracting economic investment, improving social cohesion, activating social change and transforming the power of neighbourhoods.  Participation in culture can play an important part in building young people’s confidence and positive life skills as well as providing opportunities for fun and achievement...”

The above findings form the foundations of our goals at Sonic Boom.  By addressing the needs outlined in the LAA we aim to sustainably accompany and assist regeneration initiatives across Liverpool and beyond, building a brighter future for young people and their communities.

Our Mission Statement

The Liverpool Area Agreement (April 2007 - March 2010) bases its outcomes on the Children and Young People’s Plan for Liverpool and highlights the need to maximise

“...the opportunities for children and young people to participate in cultural activities and experiences with a particular focus on engaging the hard to reach, including children and young people with special educational needs, children and young people from Black or

Racial Minority communities, young carers and children in care...”